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Alright our lovely little witches, here is your chance to win some ghostly goodies from Omnia Oddities!
Win the following items:· One (1) “The Séance” sterling silver amulet   with natural moonstone on 24” sterling chain.· Two (2) Planchette Omnia logo tees in sizes   s - xxxl. (One for you, one for a friend you tag.  If you do not tag a friend only ONE shirt will be  awarded.)· One (1) “The Séance” clear resin bangle in size  small or standard.The Rules:· You must reblog and FOLLOW.· Do not delete the original text.· No giveaway only blogs.· Must be atleast 18 years old or have parent or   guardian’s permission to enter.· Tag a friend. (optional)Giveaway ends and winner chosen at random on: 04/21/14 @ 9pm EDT.
Contest is open to all, we ship world-wide. :)
Good Luck

Don’t forget, this little contest ends soon. ♡ We can’t wait to announce the lucky winner. :)

Meet Sally

Abracadabra by Adrienne Rozzi for Poison Apple Printshop. Limited edition handmade screen print on grey paper. 
First used in the third century C.E., Abracadabra is a medieval magic formula believed to have powers of protection and healing. Often written repeatedly in the design of an inverted triangle, it was inscribed on amulets and worn by those suffering from disease or sickness. One would repeat the incantation over and over, each time dropping the last letter and believing as the word got shorter the sickness weakened. There are many conflicting theories as to the true origin of the word but most believe it is derived from the Aramaic phrase “avra kehdabra,” meaning “I create what I speak.” Another popular theory is that comes from the Chaldean “abbada ke dabra,” meaning “Perish like the word.”
the blood moon from my back yard :)

Finally able to dig out this maxi I made last year! ♡Full outfit details - here


*~A World of Pure Imagination~*

my new tattoos 🎃


let’s take a moment to appreciate my boyfriends house and this magical room I can’t even

woaa inspiration